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Conference Rooms

Add additional space as you need it.

Bank Tower Offices has a suite of conference rooms (A, B, C) located on the third floor, available to tenants at a reduced rate, and to third parties at a higher rate.

With an innovative movable wall system that rolls up and down, you can schedule the right amount of space for your needs.

   · Two moveable walls that roll up and down, as needed.  

   · Each conference room has access to a large display for demonstration presentation and/or video conferencing.  

   · When utilizing multiple conference rooms, it is possible to link the display terminals for mirrored, or alternate display.  In other words, you can show everyone your power point presentation on all three screens, or you can use one or more screens to also hold a videoconference.

   · Scheduling will be done through an on-line scheduling program, so you can look up availability and schedule at your convenience.

  · When packaged with monthly rent, a rate discount applies.

  · First hour rates include staff cleanup; additional hours at lower rate.

With the availability of conference rooms, you can rent just the space you need for daily operations, but have the ability to expand to meet larger needs on occasion in a larger, professional environment.